Open Garden

Sunday 29th July 2018  –  opening for the National Garden Scheme

This was our first time of opening for the ‘Yellow Book’.  The garden was looking as good as it possibly could.  The weeks leading up to the open day were difficult, owing to the longest drought and spell of hot weather that I could remember.  Bearing in mind that water was a precious resource in short supply, I had to prioritise which plants to water.  I watered anything irreplaceable, plus some of the plants which would be in flower on the day, so that visitors would have something to look at.  I prayed for rain.  My prayers were eventually answered – on the open day!  It poured all morning and just 2 brave souls came to visit.  My heart sank.  Would I go down as the garden owner who had the fewest visitors in the entire history of the NGS?  But after lunch, the rain slowed down to a drizzle, and over 50 visitors came and enjoyed the garden.  Will I do it again?  I’m already planning for next year!

I would like to thank everyone who helped on the day: Tricia and Alistair Fraser, the McGregor family from the Wirral,  Abby McGregor and her sons from Sheffield and Vivian Hutson.  I couldn’t have done it without you!