Availability for talks

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us rethink the way we give and attend talks.  Groups have been successfully using Zoom in order to keep going.  Once we can start meeting again in person, I believe that many groups will continue to use Zoom, even if only occasionally.  One benefit of Zoom is that groups can book speakers from anywhere in the country (or even from overseas) without having to worry about the speakers’ travel arrangements.

I have decided to cut down on the amount I travel to give talks.  Please note, I am based in Sheffield and travel by public transport.

Until further notice, I propose the following (that is, providing travel is allowed and is safe)

Local groups in Sheffield.  I am happy to travel to your venue during daytime hours all year, and during evenings from April to September if adequate public transport or a lift is available.

Other groups.  I am happy to travel to your venue during daytime hours from April to September, depending on the feasibility of the journey by public transport.  I have decided not to travel beyond Sheffield for evening meetings or during winter months.  I shall try to honour in-person bookings for 2022, but of course it will depend on the situation regarding the corona virus.

All groups.  I offer my talks by Zoom at any time.

From 1st January 2022 my fee for Zoom talks is £50.  The fee for in-person talks depends on distance and time taken for travel.