My talks during Covid-19

Since most club meetings have been cancelled for the foreseeable future due to Covid-19, I offer my talks via Zoom at a flat rate of £30 (payable by bank transfer) until the end of 2021.

In order to participate, your group members will each need a computer (pc, laptop, iPad, iPod, iPhone etc.) with a screen plus either speakers or headphones. One of your members must host and manage the meeting. The host will need a paid subscription to Zoom, as the free access plan only allows meetings of 40 minutes, so is unsuitable for my talks. But only the host needs the paid subscription. The rest of the members access the meeting free. An annual Zoom subscription costs just under £120, which many groups think is money well-spent since they are not currently paying rent for their venue.

As things stand right now, I am usually available for Zoom talks most days, daytime and evening.

Please email me if you think your group would like to try this ‘new normal’ way of meeting. Click on ‘Contact me’ at the top of this page.