A selection of comments and newspaper articles etc. about my talks.

5th February 2021 (following my Zoom talk on Sheffield Botanical Gardens)

Just wanted to thank you for super talk on Wednesday.  Learnt loads about the gardens, great photos and such interesting info on the plants.  Also really helped with seasonal planning.  Real oasis and although it is such a familiar place to us, I saw it with fresh eyes.


Thank you for letting me join your talk.
The pictures were great, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never visited the Botanic Garden in Sheffield…it’s on my list once we can travel about!
Thank you

My heart that was a wonderful presentation, thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

John Wilson 


I thoroughly enjoyed the talk and will definitely intend to make my first visit when lockdown rules are eased.  Best wishes

Pam Tatam

11th April 2016

Adel & District Horticultural Society

The adventurous gardener – Hilary Hutson

Hilary has always been a popular speaker and this month she challenged us to leave our comfort zone and become adventurous gardeners. She provided an informative insight into how to define our garden conditions, which plants to choose and gave us some helpful advice on the propagation and care of the more unusual plants that are available. She brought these new plants to life for us, with her excellent photos and enthusiasm.

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Tues 28th May 2013 7.30 pm

Newtown Linford Gardening Club

We heard a fascinating talk on climbing plants from Hilary Hutson who came down from Sheffield to visit our Club last month. We discovered that some plants lean on others for support, other plants twist themselves around, some curling clockwise and others anti-clockwise, and some plants exude their own version of superglue to secure a hold against a tree, a fence or a wall. As well as the trusty favourites of clematis, honeysuckle and ivy we were introduced to a wide range of climbers. Many were new to our members, especially a group which could be termed dwarf climbers which would suit a pot on a patio or on an obelisk in a border. We also saw the results which occur if a plant is just left to ramble, with some dominating an area like a pernicious weed.

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March 2011,  The Barbados Advocate

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Tuesday 10th August 2010

Caythorpe and District Garden Society

The Society’s July meeting featured a talk by Hilary Hutson on ‘Patio Panache’. Defining a patio as an enclosed or sheltered area with a hard surface and seating, Hilary opened the lecture with slides of various interpretations of this basic idea from around the world and offered advice on designs that could be used in our own gardens. The second part of the talk concentrated on the use of containers and the plants best suited to them, and was beautifully illustrated with excellent photographs that she has taken. I and, I am sure, many others left full of enthusiasm for turning an underused corner into a delightful seating area.

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10th September 2009,  Sheffield U3A Gardeners’ Question Time

“The Sustainable Development Group held a very successful Gardeners’ Question Time event on September 10th at the Quaker Meeting House.  The event, project managed by June Pollard, was attended by more than 50 people who proved a very lively and engaged audience……………………The most entertaining part of the afternoon was the Gardeners’ Question Time slot.  The panel was made up of Darrell Maryon, Head Gardener of Wortley Hall Walled Garden and Project Manager at Heeley City Farm, an organic food growing expert; Julian Brandram, an agricultural botanist specialising in tree fruits; Hilary Hutson, an experienced and knowledgeable gardener who specialises in growing difficult plants; Dr Sue Kohler, Chairman of the Friends of the Botanical Gardens and a Landscape Architect. This team was ably managed by Neil Grant, Radio Sheffield’s own Garden expert and owner of the very successful Ferndale Garden Centres.”

My thanks to Greta Pearman, who wrote the article, for allowing me to use it here.

‘Patio Panache’ at Skelmanthorpe, March 2019